A Proposed International Continuing Care Retirement Community

Welcome to Tropical Fruit Farm located in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. Our plan is to convert the family farm into an international Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Japanese seniors seeking for a more healthy life during their retirement years. Drinking water is from a chemical-free natural spring. All fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry consumed by the residents will be organic. The milk, yogurt, cheese and butter are from organic raised goat herds and dairy cows. Even the rice is organic.

The farm is located less than 75 kilometers east of Metro Manila within the Sierra Madre Mountains. Elevation is around 360 meters above sea level. Antipolo City in the northwest, Baras, Morong and Teresa in the west, as well as Laguna de Bay in the south, serve as a protective barrier against Manila’s pollution. The estimated travel time between the international airport and the farm, depending on traffic, is about two and a half hours.

Primary fruit are Manila Super Mangos from an original planting of 1,000 trees approximately 40 years ago, We also have 1,500 citrus and 400 coconut trees. Other fruits in smaller quantities include rambutan, jackfruit and soursop. There are Philippine mahogany (narra) as part of a reforestration project and bamboo groves. Planting 2,000 to 3,000 papaya trees provides each resident with a daily papaya for breakfast. Three varieties totaling 5,000 banana plants will be grown on the hillsides. Other tropical fruits may include pineapple, guava, sweetsop, breadfruit, melon and dragonfruit. An organic poultry farm has agreed to sell breeder stock for the production of eggs and chickens.

The farm can support an estimated senior population between 200 to 500 persons.

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(The farm owners are seeking for investors/partners who are interested in a profitable, green enterprise. Studies indicate that fresh food and exercise in a pastoral setting improves the quality of life. It also delays the aging process.)

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